• Sonic

    A concert for piano and urban sounds

  • About the project

    Nacho Muñoz aka madamme cell presents his CONCERT FOR PIANO AND URBAN SOUNDS, A/V piano concert created from recordings of images and sounds captured from different cities of Europe, transforming the everyday images and sounds of the streets in beautiful and originality music.

    …urban noise, the sound of the modern city, paradise of amazement, untamed music, doomed to be just a interference in the democracy of the signs…

TrailerConcert for piano and urban sound

VideoOn air

A windy day in an abandon industrial area in Vigo

VideoStairway to nowhere

Listenig CCCB Art Center, Barcelona

Video#airport blues

waiting for a flight at Gatwick Airport / South London

VideoL’art du déplacement

Wandering around Porto

Roi FernándezSr PauseLive cinema

Sonic Parkour. Nacho Muñoz & Roi Fernández. In concert 3

Roi Fernandez (A Coruna, Spain) is a filmmaker, media artist and freelance illustrator.

He has a degree in Fine Arts, (Vigo University, Spain) , MFA in Film Directing (City College of New York, US), MFA in Interactive Systems (Ramon Llull Uni., Barcelona, Spain), 1 year program in Media and Film (KHM, Cologne, Germany), and 4 year studies in Acting and Performing Arts (ESAD, Vigo, Spain).

He has developed an intense career in Performing Arts (he directs a transmedia theatre company, ArtesaCia ), film (award-winning short films), live Cinema, animation (with award-winning music videos), motion graphics (Spanish tv channels), commercials and set design for theatre.

Roi tends to mix film narratives with new transmedia languages, such us Inmersive Video 360o (VR), Live Cinema and transmedia stage projects.

He has used his drawing skills to illustrate books for children, commercial illustration, fashion design illustration, story-boards and graphic novels. As a filmmaker he tries to embed a poetic vision in his films. He has directed several short films, which have played and collected awards in festivals around the world (Spain, US, Greece, Italy, Argentina, Czech Republic, UK etc…)